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Our Mission: We strive to get real results.

Passing an exam, winning a competition, or getting the certifications is a rewarding experience for a child and it reassures that they are on the right track towards excellence. Let’s complete the journey together with our well-structured courses. Join today!

Effective learning methods that we combine with technology driven platform:

In Mastery Learning a student must master a topic before moving on. • If mastery is not reached, the student receives support and guidance. • The student is then reassessed until the student reaches mastery.

Students do deliberate practices using our online practice too. • Their progressions are broken down into believable levels, that they must achieve. • They learn more in less time.

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11 Plus Courses

Concepts Mastery, Exam Practices, Mock Exams and more…

Piano Courses

Get Ready for ABRSM Music Grade Exams in Piano, Guitar , Vocals and more..

Chess Courses

Get Ready for National and International Tournaments

Drawing Courses

From Beginners to Advanced Levels and Participate in Competitions

One-One Courses

YR1 to GCSE Private Tutoring

Coding Courses

Learn from Beginners to Advanced Levels in Coding and more

Quiz Courses

Variety of General Knowledge Topics and Get Ready for Quiz Competitions

Languages Courses

Learn a Language from Beginners to Advanced Levels


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Small Group Classes

Group lessons (max upto 6) with students have similar learning objectives is fun. Group classes are comparatively more affordable. You can contact us anytime for results-oriented courses in both academics and extracurriculars for 7-12yrs

Private One-One

Private one-one tutoring is more suited for pre-exam sessions, flexible hours regular tutoring, exam counselling and advice. You can contact us anytime for private tuitions for 7-12yrs and GSSC.

Why Only Few Get to a Mastery?

Research shows that only <20% can reach mastery level in Academics & extracurricular. Some of the reasons of why only few get to excel in a skill:

• Lack of motivated and focused instructions to uplift an average student to mastery level.

• Mastering a skill is a long term commitment of time and money.

• Difficulty in finding the right tutor and guidance. So many parents send children to near by classes to keep them engaged.

It is not lack of ability that stops children from succeeding. Children learn at different speed and we should give them the needed time & direction to shine from within.

Our solution aims to enable MORE students reach mastery in their learning

We implement a Hybrid learning model of Mastery & Accelerated methods wrapped by technology. We provide well-structured live video lessons by our handpicked tutors, combined with a tech-driven framework (state-of-art Learning Management System with integrated testing platform & resources) and a passionate team to keep it all human. We are in it together!


To improve at the game of Chess, make sure you know the rules, study end- games…and most importantly Play Lots And Lots Of Chess Games.

Our experts have shared some of the places to play chess online. 

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    For queries related to Chess classes or tournaments, whatsapp us on 07393129963

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    Our list will be your best reference guide to purchase a piano/keyboard.

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      For queries related to Music classes or exams, whatsapp us on 07393129963

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