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Imagine a world where every child’s potential shines! 

Empowering more students to become visionary leaders, accomplished artists, talented musicians, and scholars who make a positive impact in their communities and the world at large. HUNARly is an EdTech platform where Achievers get their start! 

The best place to start is with our tech-driven assessments, here:

Explore Proficiency in these Subjects (6-13yrs)

We encourage a balanced approach to learning that considers both academic and non-academic aspects of a child’s development.


Better literacy helps students identify and more thoroughly understand key concepts of any subject.


Fosters problem-solving, data interpretation, algorithmic thinking and financial literacy.

NVR & VR Reasoning

Reasoning skills enable children to think critically, & develop effective problem-solving strategies.


 Provides a multisensory learning experience, and promote cultural appreciation.


Enhances critical thinking, reasoning, pattern recognition, and concentration. 


Develop creativity, visual thinking, aesthetics, and interdisciplinary connections

Revolutionising the way Students Achieve Proficiency


What's included in every course?

Guaranteed learning outcomes for 11 Plus Grammar School Exams, ABRSM Music Grade Certifications, Chess Tournaments, and more. . 

Unlocking an Interactive Learning Experience

Our interactive live lessons by top quality Tutors are designed to captivate your attention and enhance your learning experience. Dive into a world of structured learning, where your progress is not only educational but also guaranteed.

Comprehensive Assessments & Personalised Roadmaps for Enhanced Learning

Courses include regular assessment and data-driven individual learning plans. Our array of mastery assessments, provide a systematic approach to augment your knowledge and deepen your understanding.

Discover Your Path to Success with Exclusive Practice Excercises & Materials

We provide students with Learning Management System to access our exclusive practice papers, class notes and resources have been meticulously crafted by seasoned examiners, exclusively for HUNARly. 

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Achieving A Excellence

Elevate your learning through our meticulously personalized guidance, tailored to accelerate your path towards proficiency.

Why some children do not Achieve Success?

Students don’t fail because they lack the ability; they may struggle due to a need for more step-by-step instructions and sufficient time to complete tasks they didn’t follow. Here are some of the common challenges young learners encounter.

Lack of Foundation

Young learners may not have a strong foundation in the subject, and building this foundation can be challenging. If they start with gaps in their knowledge, it may hinder their ability to reach proficiency.

Parental Involvement

The support and involvement of parents or guardians are critical. If parents are not engaged or lack the resources to help their children, it can inhibit the child’s progress.

Why choose us?

We believe that every child has the potential to achieve their goals, and we’re here to support them every step of the way. We harmoniously blend learning and achievement to create success stories. 

Individualized Learning Plans

Tailored learning plans to each child’s abilities and pace.

Detailed Assessments

Technology based topic wise assessments.

Top Quality Tutors

Our tutors have profound impact on the young minds. They are someone who have been there and done that themselves. We are a selective marketplace of tutors like Music diploma holders, Chess FIDE Rank players, Top Academic Achievers etc., are handpicked as our tutors. 

Support and Guidance

Provide guidance and support for parents or guardians to help them assist their children effectively.

How it works?

Individualized Learning Plan

You can either take our Assessments to have a detailed report and individualised learning plan OR join our predefined Roadmaps. Both methods help learners to achieve specific learning outcomes while also gaining practical proficiency in the subjects

Mega Challenges

ASSESS. LEARN. SUCCEED.  Register to our Mocks, Assessments, Tournaments, Competitions and more.

FREE Sessions

Register to our Free Webinars, Masterclasses, Download Piano recommendations, Top Chess links to play & more.

FREE Talent Check

What’s Your Natural Ability or skill which you can do with ease based on your Personality?


We are a HYBRID Learning Center. Students get access to Top-Quality Online Live Tutors and also benefit from peer collaborations at our centre. (Online lessons are still ON as normal)


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Frequently Asked Questions

HUNARly offers personalized learning plans tailored for busy families, enabling children to excel in both academics and co-curricular activities through tech-driven assessments and expert guidance.

HUNARly’s tutors are carefully selected, including music diploma holders, Chess FIDE Rank players, and top academic achievers. They have a profound impact on young minds, ensuring mastery in various subjects and skills.

Yes, HUNARly offers free sessions, including webinars, masterclasses, and talent checks to help students discover their natural abilities and skills. These free sessions provide an opportunity to experience what HUNARly has to offer.

You can fill the form at contact us

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