HUNAR in Indian language means Talented & Skilled. Our platform offers well structured courses with progression paths hosted by qualified experts.  We work closely with our teachers as a team to deliver the online courses and classes. Our classes are very helpful for busy young parents who wish to meet the interests of the children or need support in the child’s academic progress. 

HIRING PROCESSWe only look for individuals with subject expertise . Please make sure that your academic qualification, certifications and real-time experience will be highly considered during the selection process as our platform is about pure talent and skill, and everything else comes later. We have few rounds of interview process before selecting our teachers and once they have cleared it then we make sure we provide them at atmosphere which they would want to stay for longer.

Apply as Teacher: If you are interested to join HUNARly as a teacher, please send us your CV along with a short video on the area of your expertise showcasing your presentation and teaching style.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Email us at or you can get in touch with us on whatsapp: 07393129963


FAQ’s for Teachers/Artists/Entertainers After Approval

What are the ‘First steps’?
After you are selected as our teacher, we share with you the next steps to update your course details on the platform. After we review it, it gets live and available to book. 

Are there any online teaching guidelines?
Yes, we share teacher’s guidelines details which has our teachers code of conduct and it is very important to follow those guidelines.

What should be the style of teaching?
We share the detailed lesson structure with the teacher once they are selected to be our teacher. 

How to login to the online class?
We will send you the session’s zoom link a day before the class and the kids will also will be sent the same link. You can join the session and host the class.

Is there a minimum commitment
You are committed to complete your course duration. Depending on the demand we can request to book you for more lessons.

How will I get paid?
The payment will be done to the provided bank account and if you are an overseas teacher payment will be done via Wire transfer.

When will I get paid?
You will be paid soon after the class or block of classes etc., depending on the agreement during the selection process.

With you on board we can really expand the horizons of the learners and experiencers.

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