What is Hunarly’s mission?

Hunarly provides bite-sized live virtual workshops and shows on tricky topics at very affordable prices, hosted by handpicked teachers, artists, and professionals from all around the world.

Enjoy not-so-isolated life at home

While we wait with bated breath, to see the social distancing measures to be lifted away the ‘staying-in’ continues and this seems to be a norm for the near future. But life at home needn’t mean it has to be quiet & mundane. Fortunately, hunarly.com is here to take you back to normalcy.

Do We Need To Pay For Virtual Gigs?

There are hundreds, thousands of online gigs, classes, and activities around the web. Many of these are offered for free, but not all of them. Paid online activities might seem like a less convenient choice, but in reality, are the opposite. Let’s see the unique benefits they offer and the special characteristics of our online activities as well.

Why should you list your Gigs on Hunarly?

HUNARy is a unique online marketplace that offers premium conditions for your work as a freelancer. We want to support your art and skills. Our service provides an opportunity for singers, comedians, teachers, poets, chefs, quiz masters, influencers, motivational speakers, musicians of all kinds, and many others to reach an audience and get paid for the work they do. No more working for exposure!

How Talents Can Brighten Your Day

Social isolation, for most, is a negative experience. It can inspire boredom, loneliness, and stress. However, thousands, if not millions, of individuals around the globe experience this situation every day. If you find yourself stuck at home, in a new place with no friends, on a spaceship (with an Internet connection, hopefully), what can you do to make this experience more positive? Is there a way of turning it in your favour

Hunarly Live Virtual Gigs vs. Social media Live

Today, the Internet is inundated with entertainment, classes, and content. However, according to the famous Sturgeon’s Law, “ninety percent of everything is crud”, so most of these are not as good as advertised. Social media like Facebook and YouTube thrive on quantity rather than quality, and they are not able to offer their audience a unique and engaging experience a lot of the time.

HUNARly helps to lay a good foundation for primary school learners with comprehensive real-time online programs to explore their interests, while also providing them with the academic support to realise their full potential. A well-defined curriculum and progression report by our specialised teachers who are qualified educators, artists, and experts, brings learners so much closer to achieving their ambitions and contribute better to the world.

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