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On this page you will be able to find all
the kids coding lessons that we offer. We realised one of the most important skill
kids should acquire in 21st century is to learn coding and internet
is awash with lots of irrelevant kids coding courses. We set out on a journey
to introduce this concept in a fun and interactive way and the best way is to
do online small group lessons from accomplished coding teachers. Hunarly handpicks
teachers who are highly qualified computer scientists who also have loads of
experience in teaching kids aged 6-12. Our coding experts handhold the kids for
initial sessions and then encourage them to unleash their creativity doing
their own games and animations.

About Hunarly: Coding Courses Online
is a UK based online lesson provider that offers the best coding lessons from
the finest computer scientists. Our classes provide a great convenience for busy
people as they can be all attended from the comfort of their homes.

How are our lessons structured?

We started out with a belief that
“Kids should be producers and not consumers of computer games”. We carve a path
for young coding enthusiasts to find a love for this 21st century
concept and so we meticulously plan our coding lessons so that at the end of
the course they take something back which is to realise that everything needs
to be built from scratch and we help them putting the first steps. We brainstorm
on the structure of our learning sessions with our expert coding teachers and present
them in bite sized sessions over a period of 4-8 weeks. Our courses
take kids through step by step guidance on coding,
just like the process of coding itself. We also limit our groups to small size
(usually between 5-8) so that teacher can focus on every student, on their development
and to have a healthy interaction between teacher and students.


Benefits of
learning chess

“Code is like humour. When you
have to explain it, it’s bad.”
– Cory House said. But with advent of GUI
based programming languages such as Scratch, Hopscotch kids can not only code but
also explain it back to their granny. Coding is the new literacy in the digital
age, and it helps them to understand – and be able to innovate with the
technology around them. Learning coding fosters creativity and creativity is
part of the process and not always a product. Writing code not only develops
cognitive skills but also learn the problem-solving process which involves
using pattern recognition to present the problems in different ways while
logically breaking them down into parts and creating the steps needed to solve
them. Finally, coding is fun and satisfying So let kids join our fun and interactive
sessions where they will find a new love for programming.