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11 Plus English and Verbal Reasoning

Fri, October 23, 2020 - Fri, November 27, 2020 (4:45 pm - 5:45 pm)


11 Plus English and VR Intensive Coaching

Keep your child progressing with performance-based coaching from qualified educators with the most effective exam preparation methods.

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We follow a detailed teaching approach with Concept introduction, examples, exercises, and homework to be uploaded on our Learning Management portals which helps children to comfortable understand topics and smash it in their exams! 

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Weekly 1-hour course covering English and VR. Ensuring your child is fully prepared for all aspects of the 11 PLUS.

Below is the 8 WEEK AGENDA 

Range & content: Introduction to key skills for the 11+Context: English/VR 11+ preparation
Key Stage: 2 Year: 6 Unit: 1 Duration: (4 weeks x 1 lesson x 60 minutes) + (2 weeks x 2 lessons x 60minutes)

Class 1 W1 – Introduction to English

Objectives: Develop class rapport Introduce key themes of the unit Build aspirations for future classes/11+ Assess class ability
Pre-intro: Familiarise with the chat/breakout/messaging/muting functions
Intro: Icebreaker followed by Discuss what is English + Verbal Reasoning
Act. 1: Breakout comprehension task – passage from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Act. 2: Individual creative writing task – what happens next
Conc: Game of Hangman/spider (if time)
Pick a book, start reading.
Act. 2 – students can complete task solo

Class 2 W2 – Introduction to Verbal Reasoning

Objectives: Introduce the idea of VR to students Assess class ability Develop class rapport
Act. 1: Group task – 3 common VR questions
Act. 2: Breakout task – 7 common VR questions
Conc: Questions & concerns
Hwk: Complete 5 VR questions solo/with parents. Read your book.Adjustments:
Act. 2 – students can complete task solo
Hwk – additional VR questions for students

Class 3 W3 – English: Vocabulary & Alternatives to “Said”

Objectives: Review VR Develop creative writing skills Build vocabulary
Intro: Review task – 5 solo VR questions. Discuss importance of creative writing & varied vocabulary.
Act. 1: Breakout task
Act. 2: Group task – edit a ‘boring’ story to change the use of “said”.
Conc: Game – “He said, She said” with the kids in teams
Hwk: Write a 15 sentence story. Use at least 10 different variants of said. Read book.Adjustments:
Act. 1 – students can complete task solo
Conc – can elect a team leader/spokesperson

Class 4 W4 – VR: Letter-Fill Questions

Objectives: Familiarise students with letter-fill questions Build understanding of how letter-fill questions can be constructed
Intro: Discuss the type of question for today (eg. ha(?)an / a(?)ap)
Act. 1: Breakout task – Come up with as many words that start with s/end with s as you can in 10
minutes. Show the kids some letter-fill questions with these words.
Act. 2: Group task – Find the letter that will finish the first word and start the second word of each pair.
Act. 3: Breakout task – Make your own S questions
Hwk: Make 1 question for the group. Complete a letter-fill task. Read book.
Act. 1 & 3 – students can complete task solo
Hwk – students can make more than one letter-fill for the group

Class 5 W5 – English: Essay Planning

Objectives: Develop creative writing skills Build essay planning skills Introduce the idea of regular assessment
Intro: Review task – complete the letter-fills. Discuss importance of essay planning with examples.
Act. 1: Group task – Create an essay plan for banning homework essay. Intro/middle/conclusion.
Act. 2: Breakout task – Write intro and conclusion for banning homework essay.
Conc: Talk to the kids about Class 8 W6 test. Play Telephone (Chinese Whispers) w/ essay basis
Hwk: Write a full essay for banning homework with 3 arguments. At least 3 lines each part. Read bookAdjustments:
Act. 2 – students can write another essay
Hwk – skilled students can write more arguments or lines, struggling students can write fewer

Class 6 W5 – VR: Word-Number Codes

Objectives:Familiarise students with word-number code questions Build understanding of how word-number code questions can be constructed
Intro: Review task – create a very short plan for ‘vanilla ice cream tastes bad’. Discuss the type of
question for today (word-number codes). Introduce an example (eg. M=5, A=2 etc)
Act. 1: Group task – decode two phrases from numbers, create three number strings from phrases
Act. 2: Breakout task – extrapolating the code from preset numbers
Conc: Group task – decode a funny phrase
Hwk: Take one sentence from last week’s homework essay and turn it into code. Read book
Intro – students can rewrite/edit homework essay
Act. 2 – students can continue with creating number strings/phrases from Act. 1

Class 7 W6 – Revision & English: Quotations

Objectives: Develop punctuation skills Revise previous content from course
Intro: Brief discussion of books. Discuss the importance of correctly using quotations with examples
Act. 1: Group task – insert quotation marks into a short paragraph – Harry potter
Act. 2: Breakout task – complete multiple choice correct-quotation quiz
Act. 3: Group task – 3 letter fill questions – ha(?)an / a(?)ap
Hwk: Timed 15 minute story, with 5 minutes of planning. Practice word-number and letter-fill exercises
Act. 2 & 3 – students can continue with Act. 2 if they wish

Class 8 W6 – Unit Assessment

Objectives:Assess student success in understanding of previous material
Intro: Review task – objectives for the test (uses of said, using quotations, intro/middle/conc)
Act. 1: Timed Essay. 5 minutes to plan, 15 minutes to write. Intervals for each section counted out.
Act. 2: 20 minutes word-number and letter-fill exercises
Hwk: n/a
Students with learning adjustments can complete the test outside of class

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Friday, October 23, 2020 - Friday, November 27, 2020

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm

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