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Beginner French lessons

Mon, September 21, 2020 - Thu, November 12, 2020 (6:15 pm - 7:15 pm)



Week 1- Ma famille et moi (family and me)
In this lesson, you will introduce yourself and learn phrases in French to describe you and your family. You will cover how many brothers or sisters you have and draw a nice picture of your family and label them in French. We will play an interactive game with the Simpsons family to remember what you have learnt about your family. Aim of the lesson is to be able to say at least three to four sentences in French.


Week 2- Les animaux (animals and pets)
In this lesson, you will learn all about the animal kingdom and names in French as well as where they live and what sounds they make. You will play a quiz to test your knowledge near the end of the lesson on screen. You will match the words to the correct animal and watch a short video in French on the animal kingdom.
Week 3- Le corps et Les couleurs (the body and colours).
In this lesson, we will learn parts of the body from head to toes and learn a new song to help memorise the key parts. You will also learn when to say you are feeling poorly. Using flash card resources, you will visual the body part and need to match to the correct term. You will also learn colours and how to match them up and also a quiz on filling in the missing letters.


Week 4- Les histoires (story time)
In this lesson, you will learn a variety of short classical fairy tale stories told in French to learn new words. Told through online interactive videos online, you will then guess what the story is about afterwards and the name of the fairy tale. You will learn how to say what your favourite fairy tale is in French and how to describe it in two to three simple sentences.
Week 5- Les nombres et quel heure-est-il? (numbers and what time is it?)
In this lesson, you will practice numbers in French 1-10 and counting on your hands and testing through repetition and games. We will also play what’s the time Mr.Wolf in French to learn the time and drawing your own clock to write down your answer to time questions.
Week 6- La nourriture (food)
In this lesson, you will learn food names and how to name your favourite meal. I will also teach you a song on healthy eating. You will learn to say what food you do and don’t like as well as describe food and drink that you have for a special occasion. We will play a game of anagrams to test your food and drink vocabulary.
Week 7- Les planètes (The planets/solar system)
In this lesson, you will learn all about the solar system and how to say the different planets in French. We will watch a song together to learn about the relationship of the planets in the sky and how they interact with each other. We will complete a variety of workshop activities together and do a true/false quiz on what we have learnt.
Week 8- le pays et le voyage (countries and travel)
In this lesson, you will learn about the world and the countries in it as well as terms for travelling and how you travel to go on holiday. We will play a variety of interactive games to test your country knowledge using flags, cultural and social symbols to guess the country of origin. You will also learn a couple of simple sentences to express where you live and where you like to go on holiday.

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Beginners French

Beginners French


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