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Drawing & Coloring Pencil Techniques Foundation Level (8 Lessons)

Mon, October 26, 2020 - Mon, October 19, 2020 (6:15 pm - 7:00 pm)


Hello and welcome! This is and exciting series of 8 art sessions of Drawing & Coloring Pencil Techniques focused on Art Theory and Practice. These classes will be an amazing opportunity to develop and enjoy creativity fully. Each class will be structured with a small intro to the subject, observing the technique and followed by practice, with feedback and advice for each work.

The Program:

1. Improving precision: colouring within a silhouette. This is a class based on improving your coordination skills, to be able to have control on your hand movement when colouring while applying pressure. We will draw a funny character to fill up with coloured pencils.
Don’t forget your eraser and pencil sharpner!

2. Coloured pencils: practicing with the pressure control: We will use a range of coloured pencils to create beautiful gradients and learn about the colour values creating a small sample sheet to study lights and shadows. This is a particular exercise involving the hand control over the paper to create gradual transitions from lighter to darker tones of each colour.

4. Composition study: Creating thumbnails (Mini artworks): We will exercise with quick small composition designs to plan our composition ahead. These studies will help you build confidence when sketching out your ideas and recognizing a balanced structure.

5. Learning the colouring techniques: hatching, smudge, tonal shading – we will keep on practicing  on our colouring technique using different patterns to fill out few shapes. These techniques are important to keep the structure of your composition even and well balanced alltogether with the colours choice.

6. Perspective: Exercise using different points of view – We will go deep into geometric design to learn how to represent an object from a certain angle or a landscape, to determine the sizes of the elements in the picture.

7. Harmonies: Warm and cool pencil colours: We will learn these colour categories creating an abstract composition to fill up with different hues(flat colours).
This is a fundamental exercise to distinguish colour temperatures to create harmonies or contrasts which is fundamental to communicate through artistic expression.
We will create a composition that will be our future guide to recognize the colours temperatures.

8. Coloured pencils techniques application: In this class you will create your own composition using some reference images. We will build our picture together using the knowledge acquired from the previous classes, such as perspective rules and the palette selection.
This will be a very interesting and creative part of the program as it will leave space to your imagination but having a guide available to you at all times.

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