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Wed, November 25, 2020 - Wed, April 7, 2021 (6:15 pm - 7:25 pm)


Interactive, friendly and Intensive tuition from a professional pianist. The teacher will ensure that every participant receives advice and attention. Below is the well-planned program details to learn the secret of playing the Piano. The possibilities are endless!

ABRSM Grade1 (16 Lessons)

Objective of this program is to teach students the content of ABRSM Grade 1 material. 

The ABRSM Grade 1 Exam consists of 4 section:

1.       Songs: Students are required to play 3 songs – one from List A, List B and List C respectively

2.       Scales and arpeggios

3.       Sight Reading – Candidates will be asked to play a short unaccompanied piece of music which they have not seen before. They will be given half a minute to look through and, if they wish, try out all or any part of the test before they are asked to play it for assessment.

4.       Aural Test – 4 sections in aural test: (a) To clap the pulse of a piece played by the examiner, and to identify whether it is in two time or three time  (2) To sing as ‘echoes’ three phrases played by the examiner (c) To identify where a change in pitch occurs during a phrase played by the examiner. (d) To answer a question about two features of the piece played by examiner


Lesson 1:

          Explain the breakdown of the ABRSM Grade 1 Exam

          Introduce C major Scale and G major Scale hands separately  

          Learn List A song hands separately

Lesson 2:

          Review C major Scale & G major scale hands separately, then learn to play them hands together

          Continuing with the List A song hands separately, if students are ready, I will teach them how to play two hands together

          Introduce the idea of sight reading (the idea of being able to read music and play on the spot) and give each student a passage to sight read

Lesson 3:

          Review C and G major hands together, then introduce C contrary motion scale

          Review List A piece and polish it (work on the musicality, the dynamics of the song etc). Ask students to use metronome if needed

          Introduce the list B piece, and learn it hands separately

          More sight-reading training

          Introduce one of the 4 components of the aural test (4a as listed above: the idea of being able to clap the pulse of a piece played by the examiner and to identify whether it is in two or three time) 

Lesson 4

          Review C and G major scale hands together as well as C contrary motion scale.

          New scale this week is F major scale (learn it hands separately) and A harmonic minor scale

          Polish list A piece

          Continuing learning List B piece, depends on the students’ progress, we could potentially learn it hands together

          More Sight-Reading Practice

          More aural test training on (a), then introduce the aural test training (b), which is the idea of being able to sing as ‘echoes’ three phrases played by the examiner


Lesson 5

          Learn F major scales hands together

          Review List A and List B piece again and help students practice

          Continue learning List B piece hands together

          Sight read training

          Aural test training on (a) and (b)

Lesson 6

          Review all scales so far, then new this week is D harmonic minor scale

          Depends on the students’ ability, we might be able to start List C piece today, hands separately

          Polish list A piece and continuing learning list B piece. I will ask each individual students to play their piece in front of their peers and ask everyone to give comments & feedback.

          Sight reading practice

Lesson 7

          Review all scales. New this week is G major arpeggios hands separately

          Learn List C piece hands separately

          Bring up the speed of the List A and List B piece.

          Lesson 8

       Sight Reading Practice

          Introduce aural test component ‘c’ – the idea of identifying where a change in pitch occurs during a phrase played by the examiner

Lesson 9

          Review all scales and arpeggios. New this week is A minor arpeggios hands separately  

          Review List A & B piece, keeps polishing them

          Lesson 10  

       Learn List C piece hands together if students are ready. If not, keep reviewing and practicing hands separately with them

          Sight Reading Practice

          Review aural test component ‘c’

Lesson 11

          Now that all scales and arpeggios are done, I will randomly pick 2 scales for each students to play in class as review

          Keep polishing List A and B piece

          Lesson 12

       Continuing learning List C piece hands together, work on the details

          Sight reading practice

          Review aural test component ‘a’ ‘b’ ‘c’

Lesson 13

          Picking random scales and arpeggios for students to play in class to see if they remember them

          Continuing learning list C piece, polish it

         Lesson 14

Sight reading practice

          Introduce aural test component ‘d’ – where students need answer a question about two features of the piece played by examiner

Lesson 15 & 16

          Big review and mock test 

Existing students can click here for notes:

Ticket Information

ABRSM Grade1 Full Payment 16 Lessons Just £7.99 per class



payment for 16 lessons! This is useful for those who do not want the hassle of reminders.

ABRSM Grade1 Half Payment for 8 lessons Just £7.99 per class



Payment for 6 lessons! Useful for those who prefer to pay in 2 installments

ABRSM Grade1 for 4 lessons just £8.99 per class



Useful for those who want to try the lessons OR those who want to pay monthly.

Event Calendar

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - Wednesday, April 7, 2021

6:15 pm - 7:25 pm

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Denise is a professional harpist and an accomplished Piano teacher based in Toronto, Canada. As a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Honours Bachelor of Music Performance program, Denise has more than 10 years of professional performance experience as a soloist. In addition, she also performed with the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra, Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) Symphony Orchestra and WLU Wind Orchestra. Denise is a cheerful, charismatic and talented individual who would be an awesome teacher for all your online sessions!

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