What is HUNARly and how does it work?
HUNARly is a selective learning marketplace of online classes for kids(aged 7-12). We help parents find and enrol for great classes that are offered outside of regular school. We, with the help of our fantastic teachers create curated classes. We also manage and promote their classes to parents and Our focus is on small-group, live online classes.

By the way, for those who are curious about word ‘HUNAR’, it means Skill/Talent in Hindi and we are all about finding highly talented teachers and promote their classes to parents.

How do online classes work?
Our live online classes involve set meeting times using Zoom video conferencing. Parents are often surprised at the fantastic learning experiences that can occur through an online format and not to forget about the other conveniences such as saving travel time and money saving.

What are the benefits of HUNARly compared to other online learning programs?
HUNARly focuses on small-group, live, interactive, online classes, delivering excellent learning experiences. Also, we are the only platform in the UK to blend structured curriculum-based learning with a proper progression plan for the learners. This format provides a high degree of social interaction between learners and teachers.

What kind of technology and materials do I need?
For our live classes, we encourage your learners to participate in their natural learning environment, using the device of their choice. HUNARly works on all major web browsers, and we use Zoom for live video meetings. You can prepare for your first class by downloading Zoom ahead of time. You’ll need a working webcam and microphone, and a solid internet connection.

What kind of quality or vetting do you do for your classes?
We review the professional background and education of all teachers and select for those who have teaching experience, subject matter expertise, or a unique passion they want to share with young learners.
Each class is reviewed and approved by our team before public listing, ensuring every class meets our standards for unique content, learning goals, teacher expertise, class experience, and more. We also watch class recordings and share suggestions with teachers on how to improve.

• We monitor teacher review scores, attendance, and responsiveness to messages.
• We investigate reports of bad behaviour and take actions as appropriate.
• We may limit a teacher’s activity or ultimately remove them from HUNARly.
• We will warn or remove learners who disrupt classes for others.

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