What is HUNARly.com?

Hunar means ‘Skill & Talent’ in Hindi and Hunarly provides live online classes with special focus on the techniques in art & educational tricky topics for kids (5-11yrs) and lifestyle sessions for their parents at very affordable prices, hosted by handpicked teachers, artists, and professionals from all around the world. With freelancers adding new talents every day, be sure to check back regularly for the latest Gigs. The opportunities for learning and entertainment are endless!


What is a Live Virtual Gig/Class?

Our freelancers will teach, upskill or entertain you no matter where you are on the planet and they will live stream the whole gig which we call a virtual gig/class.


Why Hunarly exists?

The modern world places many demands on the family: not only are adults expected to develop and hone their professional skills but also to provide support for the kids’ interests in exploring their environment and trying out new things. There are many subjects related to the school curriculum and beyond that, a child might need help with or might want to explore. How can a parent adequately balance their needs with their busy lifestyle and provide the necessary support to promote the child’s learning and stimulate their curiosity with all the things they must do?

We offer great classes in a variety of subjects; Education, Art, and Lifestyle with a special focus on teaching tips and techniques in them. Our focus is on small-group, live online sessions so as to make them interactive and engaging.


What is Hunarly’s vision?

We want to imagine a world that empowers modern young parents to raise great kids with a thirst for learning and lead more fulfilling adult lives by indulging in their own curiosity and need for stimulation.


How does Hunarly work?

  1. We reach out to popular teachers, artists, and professionals for the best short gigs that they can offer.
  2. These gigs are then published on hunarly.com.
  3. You just choose and pay for your favourite gig and then the learning and fun are in the palm of your hand. It’s that simple


What are the different membership levels on Hunarly?

There are two levels, one is the Free Membership(By default, all the registered users have the free membership) and they pay the price seen on the website. The second one is Family Membership, where they get a certain number of Credits per week, and other gigs will be at a discounted price. Currently, the price of the Family membership is £4.99 Per week where they get Credits worth two gigs free per week, and the rest of the gigs will be half-priced.


How do I purchase a class/gig?

There are two ways to purchase a class

  • Pay as you go: Users just pay the listed price
  • Using Credits:

1 Class

250 Credits


Purchasing one-off Class

  1. If you’ve got a one-off need for a class, we made it easy to buy a single class.
  2. Go to the class’s detailed information page
  3. Click “Book Now”
  4. You’ll be redirected to purchase page
  5. Enter the billing and card details
  6. Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an order confirmation email


Purchasing Class with membership

  1. If you are a member, login and go to “My Credits”.
  2. You will be shown your current balance, just click “Create Coupon”
  3. Copy the coupon code Note: If you are not using the coupon code immediately, Please save the coupon code somewhere safe as once lost, you cannot regenerate the same code
  4. Go to the class’s detailed information page
  5. Click “Book Now”
  6. You’ll be redirected to purchase page
  7. Enter the billing and card details. On this page Click “Click here to enter your code”
  8. The total price to pay then will become Zero and finally Click “Place Oder”
  9. Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an order confirmation email


For more details on purchasing membership and book classes please click the link below

How to buy HUNARly Membership and book classes?


What are the different classes/gigs that I can expect to see on Hunarly.com ?

We are continuously working to onboard a wide variety of talent from the education, art, and lifestyle diaspora, the following list is by no means exhaustive: Mathematics, Science, Arts, Crafts, Magic, Yoga, and many lifestyle-related classes.


How do I become a gig/class provider?

In order to become a class provider, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected]


Why was my purchase cancelled?

There are many reasons why this could’ve happened.

No worries though! We’re always here to help and answer all your questions! Please contact us for more details if your purchase was cancelled, or you can email us directly at [email protected]


What payment methods can I use?

You can use most debit and credit cards. We are working hard to add more payment methods to our site soon!

HUNARly helps to lay a good foundation for primary school learners with comprehensive real-time online programs to explore their interests, while also providing them with the academic support to realise their full potential. A well-defined curriculum and progression report by our specialised teachers who are qualified educators, artists, and experts, brings learners so much closer to achieving their ambitions and contribute better to the world.

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