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"Talent is not rare. What is rare is talent & motivation & focus on mastery!"

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Small Group Classes

Group lessons (max upto 6) with students have similar learning objectives is fun. Group classes are comparatively more affordable. You can contact us anytime for results-oriented courses in both academics and extracurriculars for 7-12yrs


Private one-one tutoring is more suited for pre-exam sessions, flexible hours regular tutoring, exam counselling and advice. You can contact us anytime for private tuitions for 7-12yrs and GSSC.

Why choose HUNARly Online Courses?

Our Mission: We strive to get real results.

Passing an exam, winning a competition, or getting the certifications is a rewarding experience for a child and it reassures that they are on the right track towards excellence. Let's complete the journey together with our well-structured courses. Join today!

Why Only Few Get to a Mastery Level?

Research shows, only <20% are able to reach up to mastery level in Academics & Extra-curricular. • Lack of motivated and focused instructions to step-up an average student to mastery level. • Mastering a skill is a long term commitment of time and money. • Difficulty in finding right tutor and guidance.

Our solution aims to enable MORE students reach mastery in their learning

We implement a Hybrid learning model of Mastery & Accelerated methods wrapped by technology. We provide well-structured live video lessons by our handpicked tutors, combined with a tech-driven framework (state-of-art Learning Management System with integrated testing platform & resources) and a passionate team to keep it all human. We are in it together!

Effective learning methods that we combine with technology:

• In Mastery Learning a student must master a topic before moving on. • If mastery is not reached, the student receives support and guidance. • The student is then reassessed until the student reaches mastery.
• Students do deliberate practices using our online practice too. • Their progressions are broken down into believable levels, that they must achieve. • They learn more in less time.

Our Achievements

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