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Busy Parents Schedules, But Big Dreams for Your Child: We’ve Got You Covered!

Achieving greatness is possible, even with packed schedules.  Imagine a world where every child’s potential shines! Explore our personalised learning plans tailored for busy families. HUNARly is an EdTech platform where scholars, artists, and musicians get their start! 

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We Turn Aspirations into Tangible Achievements

We harmoniously blend learning and achievement to create success stories. At HUNARly, young children striving to build proficiency in academic and co-curricular subjects prepare for a range of renowned exams, certifications, and competitions, spanning from beginner to advanced levels. These include the 11 Plus Grammar School Exams, ABRSM Music Grade Certifications, Chess Tournaments, and more. We guarantee learning outcomes for all our courses. 

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Classes by Top Quality Tutors

Our tutors have profound impact on the young minds. They are someone who have been there and done that themselves. We are a selective marketplace of tutors like Music diploma holders, Chess FIDE Rank players, Top Academic Achievers etc., are handpicked as our tutors. 

Why choose us? Mastery is No Mystery with us

We believe that every child has the potential to achieve their goals, and we’re here to support them every step of the way. What sets us apart from other institutions is our ability to go beyond exams and nurture genuine champions. Our strategy to success:

  • Detailed Assessments and Data-driven Personalised Roadmaps.
  • Proven Teaching methodologies by expert Tutors and Learning Management Systems with materials, homework, practices and individual feedbacks.
  • Well-informed guidance and support by our friendly team.

We guarantee to deliver the most effective, enjoyable and effortless learning experience possible for any student. Bringing children much closer to realizing their aspirations.

What Makes Us Unique

The Upshot of Our Tech

We integrate elite teaching, advanced research, and tech to provide students with the best learning experience.
Mega Challenges

ASSESS. LEARN. SUCCEED.  Register to our Mocks, Assessments, Tournaments, Competitions and more.

FREE Sessions

Register to our Free Webinars, Masterclasses, Download Piano recommendations, Top Chess links to play & more.

FREE Talent Check

What’s Your Natural Ability or skill which you can do with ease based on your Personality?


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11Plus Courses

Guarantee to clear 11plus Exam with systematic and stress-free roadmaps

Booster Courses

Reasoning Courses

Music Courses

Chess Courses

 Maths Pre-11plus YR3 (16-24 lessons)
CSSE 11plus Maths Intensive Revision
CSSE Style 11+ school based MOCKS
Foundations Vocabulary YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)

Foundations Vocabulary YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)

£72.00 £60.00
One-to-One Exam Readiness

One-to-One Exam Readiness

£35.00 £22.00
Guitar Intermediate (12-16 Lessons)

Guitar Intermediate (12-16 Lessons)

£250.00 £160.00
 11+ Foundation Mastery Maths YR4 (16-24 lessons)
Guitar One-One Course
  Guitar Beginners (8Lessons)

  Guitar Beginners (8Lessons)

£80.00 £60.00
Word Problems Boot Camp YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)
 11+ Mastery Non-Verbal Reasoning YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)
 11+ Mastery Advanced Verbal Reasoning (6 lessons)
 11+ Mastery Advanced Non-Verbal Reasoning (6 lessons)
  Chess Intermediate (24 Lessons)

  Chess Intermediate (24 Lessons)

Advanced Vocabulary YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)

Advanced Vocabulary YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)

£120.00 £90.00
QUIZ Champs – Autumn Term

QUIZ Champs – Autumn Term

GL Style 11+ school based MOCKS

GL Style 11+ school based MOCKS

£160.00 £120.00
CEM Style 11+ school based MOCKS

CEM Style 11+ school based MOCKS

£144.00 £120.00
QUIZ Champs – Summer Term
Talent Meter

Talent Meter

Piano ABRSM Initial Grade Programme (20-24 Lessons)
 English Singing Vocals Intermediate (16-20 Lessons)

 English Singing Vocals Intermediate (16-20 Lessons)

£270.00 £200.00
  Drawing Intermediate (24 Lessons)
  Drawing Beginners (8 Lessons)
 English Pre-11plus YR3 (16-24 lessons)
English Singing Vocals Beginners (8 Lessons)
Advanced Creative Writing YR4 & YR5(6 lessons)
Foundations Reading Comprehension YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)

Foundations Reading Comprehension YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)

£75.00 £60.00
  Piano Beginners (8 Lessons)
  Chess Beginners (8 Lessons)

  Chess Beginners (8 Lessons)

 11+ Foundation Mastery English YR4 (16-24 lessons)
Foundations Creative Writing YR4 & YR5 (6 lessons)
  Piano Intermediate (16-20 Lessons)

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Essential Skills for Children

Better literacy helps students identify and more thoroughly understand key concepts of any subject.

Fosters problem-solving, data interpretation, algorithmic thinking and financial literacy.


Enhances critical thinking, reasoning, pattern recognition, and concentration. It is considered a component of the “A” (Arts) and “M” (Mathematics) in STEAM

Develop creativity, visual thinking, aesthetics, and interdisciplinary connections

 Provides a multisensory learning experience, and promote cultural appreciation.

Prepares for the increasingly digital and technology-driven world

Engineering skills, storytelling, creativity and design thinking are developed.

Nurture the holistic learning experience, and applying knowledge across various STEAM disciplines.


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