Welcome to Our Online Assessments

We are delighted to provide you with a seamless online assessment experience. To ensure the process goes smoothly, please follow the instructions below:

  1.  Download and Print the PDF

For each assessment, you will find a downloadable PDF. You have the option to either print it or use it on your laptop. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader installed on your laptop for the best experience.

  1.  Use Provided OMR Sheets

Your answers should be marked on the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets provided. These sheets are specifically designed to capture your responses accurately. Do not use any other paper for your answers.

  1. Use an HB Pencil

Please use only an HB pencil to mark your answers on the OMR sheet. Ensure that you fill in the bubbles completely and darken them properly to avoid any errors in scanning.

  1. Scan and Upload

Once you have completed your assessment on the OMR sheet, scan the sheet using a scanner or smartphone camera. Save the scanned image as a PDF file. Make sure the scanned image is clear and legible.

  1. Upload the PDF

Return to the online assessment platform and click on the “UPLOAD” button. Select the PDF file you just scanned and confirm the upload. Please ensure that you upload the correct file for the respective assessment.

  1. Use the Timer

To manage your time effectively, start the assessment timer by clicking on the “TIMER” button. This will help you keep track of the remaining time for your assessment.

  1. Begin the Test

Once you have completed the above steps, you can begin your test with confidence. Make sure to follow the assessment guidelines and adhere to the time limit.

If you encounter any technical issues or need assistance during the assessment, please reach out to our support team on whatsapp 07393129963. We are here to help you have a smooth and productive assessment experience.

Good luck with your assessment! We hope you perform your best.


Access Your Assessment Test Here

To provide the best assessment experience tailored to your needs, please select the appropriate difficulty level based on your grade and preferences:

-For Year 4 Students or Those Choosing Level 1: If you are a Year 4 student or if you believe the Level 1 assessment suits your current proficiency, please select the “Easy – Medium” difficulty option. This level is designed to accommodate a comfortable learning experience.

-For Year 5 Students or Those Choosing Level 2: If you are a Year 5 student or if you believe you are ready for a more challenging assessment, please choose the “Medium – Hard” difficulty option. Level 2 assessments are designed to push your skills to the next level and provide a greater challenge.

 Select the option that best matches your grade and the level of challenge you seek. We aim to help you reach your full potential and make the assessment process as engaging and effective as possible. Access your assessment test and embark on your learning journey today!


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