Piano For Beginners Programme (8 Lessons)


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Who is this course for?

This is PIANO Beginners course. Interactive, friendly and Intensive tuition from a professional pianist. The teacher will ensure that every participant receives advice and attention. Below is the well-planned program details to learn the secret of playing the Piano. The possibilities are endless!

How to enrol to this course?

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Please Note: As we do small group lessons so the published dates are tentative and can be slightly moved depending on the enrollments.

Have a look at the Class Glimpse:


Glimpse2  :- https://youtu.be/afOz57q8NWI

Which Exam this course aims for:

ABRSM Music Grade Exam

Agenda for 8 lessons:

Lesson 1:
– Learn basic right hand (RH) and left hand (LH) notes. This hand position is called C position.
– Review Ode to Joy (A song for RH) and Love Me Tender (A song for LH)
– Learn and understand how music notes look like when the RH and LH are put together
– Lastly, we will play 2 songs that involve both hands: Mexican Hat Dance and Rock Along.
– Afterwards I will give students some writing exercises. We will end the class by playing some musical games.

Lesson 2:
– We will start off by reviewing last class’s material
– I will teach the students some fingering exercises that help strengthening their fingers
– Then we will look at different note values (some notes are shorter, some notes are longer).
– Afterwards we will learn about 2 different dynamics (soft, and loud)
– Lastly, we will learn how to play intervals (2 notes at once) and apply that into a song.

Lesson 3:
– We will learn more about intervals and apply that into Jingle Bells.
– Afterwards, we will learn about the C Major Chord.
– We will be playing Brother John to demonstrate how a C Major Chord is used.
– Once students understand C Major Chord, I will introduce them to another chord: G7 Chord which also involves learning a new note in the LH.
– We will sum up this class by playing Merrily we roll along.

Lesson 4:
– After reviewing the C and G7 Chord, I will introduce another new note in the LH.
– I will then introduce them to a new Chord: F Major Chord
– We will do a warm-up exercise using C, G7 and F Major Chord
– Our focus this lesson is to learn When the Saint Go Marching In. This song uses all 3 chords that we covered so far.
– We will end the class by doing some writing exercises and more musical games.

Lesson 5:
– By this class, students should be able to read music notes sufficiently
– I will start the class by introducing students a new set of notes and a new hand position: G position.
– After learning these new notes, we will review by learning 2 new songs: Love Somebody and A friend Like You
– We will end the class by learning how to draw these new notes and by doing a short music quiz!

Lesson 6:
– We will start off the class by reviewing the G position and by playing the last 2 songs again
– Our focus this lesson is to learn about the Sharp Sign (#) in music.
– We will be playing Money Can’t Buy Everything
– We will end the class by learning a new chord: D7 chord, we will also do another short music quiz to test the student’s progress

Lesson 7:
– We will review the D7 Chord
– Afterwards, we will apply the D7 chord into two song The Cuckoo, and The Harp Song
– We will do a final review of all the songs we learnt so far so students can pick a song for the online recital.
– We will end the class by playing some musical games

Lesson 8:
– First half of the class will be used to do an online recital. Parents are welcomed to join. I will be performing a song for the students as well.
– Afterwards, we will learn a short children song of student’s choice (Baby Shark / Frozen / Spiderman theme song…whatever they want) together to end this piano program!

Course progression:

Beginners’ programme -> Intermediate Level Programme->  ABRSM Initial Grade preparation course. -> Intensive Practice Course ->  ABRSM GRADE1  ->Intensive Practice Course

Please Note: You can join HUNARly Courses by following the course’s progression path or you can also contact us to take an assessment for that level to directly enroll for it.

Things you should know before taking the HUNARly classes:

  1. Every Lesson at HUNARly is great learning, please set a reminder for the dates and timings of the Online Programme so that the child does not miss on the subject. We start our lessons on time, so make sure to join the link a few minutes before the class starts.
  2. Students code of conduct to be followed during the lessons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF1rRraSHPE&t=30s
  3. After enrolling to the course, you will get access to ‘Learning Portal’ Tab. You can see the class notes listed, but we recommend the children to practice only what is completed in the class, and not to rush for lessons ahead. The teacher can sometimes go slow or go ahead in the Learning Portal depending on the session’s progress.
  4. As these are small group lessons, so the course start date or classes during the holidays are tentative and can be slightly moved if more than 70% of participants have requested a change or are not available.
  5. During the course, if the teacher is not available, then we have the right to arrange a cover teacher or extend the course dates. We handpick the best teachers and do the due diligence for you so that the child’s learning is not discontinued.
  6. We are only responsible for the teaching of the courses and not the exam registrations. We can guide you upon request but we encourage you to be on top with the dates and submissions so that you do not miss out on important deadlines.

Cancellation policy

Any cancellation requests after payment will be refunded as HUNARly credits only, which means you can use the amount for your next course booking. We recommend you go through the course agenda, teacher profile, course fee, and after that proceed to enroll in the course.


Any queries, contact on whatsapp 07393129963 or you can also email us at info@hunarly.com


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