QUIZ Champs – Summer Term



COURSE DATE: This is ongoing course, you can join anytime.

For ages 7-12

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Who this course is for:

The Quiz Champs are fantastic fun and interactive time sessions for curious children.  These sessions run continuously throughout the year and are charged for every 8sessions.  We prepare the kids and open up new avenues of Quiz competitions from local to national levels. By the end of the sessions, some kids would be highly motivated to share their knowledge learned in the class, few other kids would be excited to participate in Quiz tournaments and we improve their chances of winning it!

We conduct quiz as an exciting online setup and also provide topic-wise online resources ahead to brush up before the class. Playing Quiz is more than knowing new facts.. so we have designed this course to satisfy that need of a curious child’s mind with the below elements into it:

Learning Intention of this course is :

1. Right Ambience:  Hosted completely on a popular quizzing platform, kids will be tested on different subjects each week and this will surely tickle the brains of kids who love trivia and general knowledge each week in a highly mentally stimulating atmosphere.

2. Learn New: We educate children about the trivia after every question in a fun & long-term remembering manner through discussions.

3. Well-scheduled agenda: Making children realize “*Knowledge is Power” * with our well-scheduled agenda. Our Quiz club gives children an upper edge to proactively keep expanding their know-how of things around them.


Week 1: British History- Kings and queens through the ages till present day. WW2

Week 2: Countries around the world- Flags, Facts about certain countries (size, population etc.)

Week 3: Sport( Olympics Special)

Week 4: Political leaders around the world

Week 5:  Literature and Film (Books, Films)

Week 6: Music (Famous pieces of music/ composers etc)

Week 7: Famous inventors ( who invented what, what is the most famous invention by x composer etc.)

Week 8: Languages ( National languages, Greetings in other languages, Food in other languages etc)



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