Scratch Coding Foundations Programme (8 lessons)



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Who is this course for?

  • Parents wanting to their child to learn the fundamentals of computer programming
  • Anyone interested in learning how to create simple games and animations

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Create variables and if-else statements
  • Program using arithmetic operators
  • Design and animate sprites
  • Experiment and explore to build creativity and confidence

How to enrol to this course?

If you are interested in enrolling to this course?| CLICK HERE

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Please Note: As we do small group lessons so the published dates are tentative and can be slightly moved depending on the enrollments.


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Course Progression Path:

Beginners -> Intermediate Level -> Semi Advanced Level -> Intensive Practive Course -> Advanced Level1-> Advanced Level2

Please Note: You can join HUNARly Courses by following the course’s progression path or you can also contact us to take an assessment for that level to directly enroll for it.

Agenda for 8 lessons:

Lesson 1: Dancing Sprite

  • What is Scratch?
  • Create an account online
  • Tour of the Project Editor: It will show you the components of the user interface such as the menu system, the stage, the sprites list, the blocks palette, the paint editor, and the help section
  • Create your Sprite in Scratch
  • Use of control and looks palette
  • Movement of Sprite and adding music

Lesson 2: Creating Animation – Part 1

  • Learn about different kinds of blocks you’ll use in your Scratch programs,
  • Layout of the scratch programming window
  • Importing Sprite
  • Different costumes for the sprite
  • Using control, looks, events, and motion.
  • Control using green flag from events section of the code tab
  • About xy coordinates.

Lesson 3: Creating Animation – Part 2

  • Choosing background
  • Use of control keys for moving sprite
  • Moving two sprites together
  • Using motion tab
  • Using Speech bubble
  • Sprite changing color

Lesson 4: Creating an Animated Story

  • Use of control keys for moving sprite
  • Broadcasting and receiving messages
  • Writing dialogues for the story
  • Using looks tab for displaying a message
  • Communicating between Sprites

Lesson 5: Hide and Seek Game

  • Creating a game in the scratch
  • Creating and initializing a variable (Score set to zero)
  • Use of operators
  • Moving sprite on x and y axis
  • Random number generator

Lesson 6: Catch the Apple Game

  • Use of conditional statement, if then
  • Use of sensing block
  • Creating and initializing a variable for recoding game score
  • Use of operators
  • Connecting two sprites

Lesson 7: Flappy Bird Game – Part 1

  • Use of sensing block for two sprites
  • Creating logic for your code
  • Setting xy coordinates
  • Dynamic Background

Lesson 8: Flappy Bird Game – Part 2

  • Create a working game by making a flapping bird and moving pipes.
  • Use of clones and private variables.
  • Use of nested conditional statement
  • Use of for loop (forever block)
  • Review of the programming logic learnt during the course

Lesson 9-12: Practicals Interesting Animations and Games

Things you should know before taking the HUNARly classes:

  1. Every Lesson at HUNARly is great learning, please set a reminder for the dates and timings of the Online Programme so that the child does not miss on the subject. We start our lessons on time, so make sure to join the link a few minutes before the class starts.
  2. Students code of conduct to be followed during the lessons:
  3. After enrolling to the course, you will get access to ‘Learning Portal’ Tab. You can see the class notes listed, but we recommend the children to practice only what is completed in the class, and not to rush for lessons ahead. The teacher can sometimes go slow or go ahead in the Learning Portal depending on the session’s progress.
  4. As these are small group lessons, so the course start date or classes during the holidays are tentative and can be slightly moved if more than 70% of participants have requested a change or are not available.
  5. During the course, if the teacher is not available, then we have the right to arrange a cover teacher or extend the course dates. We handpick the best teachers and do the due diligence for you so that the child’s learning is not discontinued.
  6. We are only responsible for the teaching of the courses and not the exam registrations. We can guide you upon request but we encourage you to be on top with the dates and submissions so that you do not miss out on important deadlines.

Cancellation policy

Any cancellation requests after payment will be refunded as HUNARly credits only, which means you can use the amount for your next course booking. We recommend you go through the course agenda, teacher profile, course fee, and after that proceed to enroll in the course.


Any queries, contact on whatsapp 07393129963 or you can also email us at



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