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His and her are examples of

True or False ? A pronoun can replace a noun

Which of these words is a relative pronoun?

A reflexive pronoun can replace a direct or indirect object in a sentence.

Which of these words is a demonstrative pronoun

An emphatic pronoun refers to another noun to emphasise it.

Interrogative pronouns are used to express a relationship between two objects

Personal pronouns are used to represent people or things

What kind of pronoun is the word THAT in the following sentence? That is the only option left.

Choose the correct pronouns to complete the following sentence: _________necklace belonged to _______ mother

Which option is not a subject pronoun that could be used in the following sentence? ______ did the job.

Choose the correct word to complete the following sentence: Is this coat ?

What kind of pronoun is "YOURS"?

Which of the following is an emphatic pronoun

________ thought the job would be ideal for her

What’s wrong with __________ ?

Select the pronoun which is missing from the following sentence, Could you empty the cups out of the dishwasher and put ________ away ?

Which of the following options does not define or apply to a pronoun

Belinda wanted Saffir to follow ___________

Which pronoun could replace 'them' in the following. ' Give them the answers to the quiz'