STEAM Courses

STEAM Courses are run during weekdays (Mon-Fri) so that the children can still continue with their daily dosage of Science, Arts, Technology.. You can take our STEAM membership at just £4.99 per week (billed every two weeks) cancel anytime.STEAM Membership users can book any 3 classes per week for free. If membership users use up all their credits and wish to book extra classes then they get 50% off on the listed price of STEAM Classes.  

You can get the Membership here: STEAM Membership

You can book STEAM Classes here: BOOK Class

Our STEAM Courses has a dynamic curriculum to expand kid’s horizons. During the STEAM online live classes children will be exploring different topic-based learning with hands-on experience in Science, Arts and Technology. Learning from the experts themselves and clarifying their doubts can boost great confidence and self esteem of the children. By building, creating, gathering resources, failing, re-planning and making again; all of this process develops child’s critical thinking and gives them a positive satisfactory attitude towards life!

Kindly note: All of our classes are recorded for safety and security purposes. Students are recommended to keep their video ON but if they are not comfortable to be in front of the computer it is absolutely fine. Students are recommended to follow Online Class Rules, click here

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