Welcome to HUNARly Classes

Your child’s onboarding process is now complete. Please read below to comply with our learning delivery process:

  1. Thanks for registering with HUNARly classes. Student is now assigned to the registered course. 

  2. We would have sent you a tutorial video on how to access portal. Parent should explore the HUNARly Learning Portal to familiarize yourself with the curriculum, class notes, homework, etc.

  3. You will be added to the group in the app to interact with tutors about homeworks, doubts or minimal reschedules. Strictly NO private details are to be exchanged.

  4. Watch the student code of conduct: https://youtu.be/SF1rRraSHPE

  5. Important: Read the cancellation policy 

    Cancellation policy

    As our courses require upfront payment, we kindly request parents to review the following cancellation policy before booking sessions with us. This will assist both parents and our team in planning sessions effectively, ensuring a more significant impact on your child’s learning journey with HUNARly.

    1. In a group class, if either parent decides to pause or cancel lessons after the initial payment instalment, please inform us 4 weeks in advance. If you choose to leave before the first instalment , a minimum 4-week notice is required. This allows us time to enroll new students and ensures fairness for others in the group.

    2. If one student leaves in a 2-1 group, the pricing will revert to 1-1 rates for the remaining student until a new member joins the group.

    3. In case of lesson cancellations due to emergencies, the course fee will be converted into credits for future use.

    4. Any No Shows will be charged half price.

    5. In group lessons if you are not able to attend the lesson then tutor will try to catchup with your child in the next lesson. You will have access to the class notes, and class recording. 

    6. For 1-1, any regular cancellations we need to be informed minimum 24hrs prior and more earlier if possible so that tutors can make other plans.

    7. For 2-1, any regular cancellations we need to be informed minimum 24hrs prior so that we can check if tutor & the other parent is willing to change on the dates, mostly this works in a friendly adjusting manner.

    8. We will inform parents at least 24 hours in advance, or even earlier, if the tutor is unable to attend. This allows you to make alternative plans. In the event that we notify you on the same day or early, we will reschedule the session for your next available day. However, if we provide late notice (within 4 hours), the next lesson is on us and free for you.


I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the above.