HUNARly Teacher Code of Conduct

Please see below the Teacher Code of Conduct for our Online Classes. Any queries, do not hesitate to ask our team or email


1. Be prepared, begin on-time, and treat all learners with respect.
2. Try maintaining a professional appearance and attire.
3. Always sit in a well-lit area and that direct light is on you. You can also use artificial lighting like a lamp in front of you to make it look brighter.
4. Always keep your video on during the class.
5. Always check your internet connection is good. If students raise a concern that they cannot hear you properly, then keep a regular check on the voice & video for that session by asking children if they can hear you well. Please keep us informed if you face this issue so that the session can be rearranged accordingly.
6. We recommend you to join in from both laptop and mobile if your class requires to show the work. One device to show your work and to see the students on another device.
7. Use annotation, drawing, writing on the screen to explain whenever needed.
8. We recommend our teachers to join the online session 5min before the actual class to make yourself accustomed and comfortable.
9.Start the class if a minimum 70% of the children are in otherwise you can wait up to 3min and begin the session.
10 Please check and inform us if you see anyone new in the class (unless you are already informed about the new joiner). And keep us informed who has not attended the session that day.


1. Create a safe and welcoming space for learners and families from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations.
Just say a quick hello to each student by their names
2. In your first class, start with an intro about yourself and share your passion for the subject.
Keep your personal information private (e.g., age, last name, no need to mention that you are a student, email address, mailing address, phone number etc.) and don’t ask others to share personal information as well.


1. Please follow our HUNARly Lesson Structure guidelines. A separate video and page are available for it.
2. Many a time, students feel encouraged to join a class for their affection towards then teacher than the subject itself!
3. Let’s make online learning more interactive, engaging, and interesting.
In your class exercises ask children to raise their hands (use the reaction button, raise hand feature, or even physically raise their hand in the video) to grab the teacher’s attention while answering.
Please pick one student at a time to answer so that they do not speak over each other. Make sure to give everyone a chance to answer instead of the same few students answering every time. This will make all students feel involved and they engage better.
4. You need not go through with all students every time you explain a concept. You can pick on a few students for one concept exercise and then the next set of few students for the next concept’s exercises.
5. Do not let students interrupt your flow of teaching. Politely tell them to wait until you have finished. Raising a hand to ask questions or type in the chat is always a preferred option.

Maintain an encouraging atmosphere with your enthusiastic & positive feedbacks during the class.

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