HUNARly handpicks professionally qualified tutors and experts in the subject to conduct our online classes. If you have received our invite to join us as our Online Teacher, then congratulations, this page is for you! 

Having conducted nearly 150+ online classes and working with over 50 Teachers, we at HUNARly have found that by following few basic essential steps of effective teaching methodology, we can achieve a greater impact on our online learners.  We created these guidelines with information presented in great detail to guide you in building your lesson structure and also the basic rules to keep in mind while conducting the HUNARly online classes. Our Teacher Guidelines are aimed to develop a consistent knowledge delivery across all the courses so that our learners get closer to their ambitions. With your expertise and by following a well-defined guidelines, we are raising the bar of what we can achieve as a team.

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1. Hunarly classes are created based on parents requirements and We(Hunarly Team) work with numerous parents/customers to understand their needs.
2. We shortlist teachers and ask for a 6/8 week agenda on their area of expertise
3. Hunarly Team will then evaluate the submitted agenda to check if that matches with the original parent needs.
4. Many a times we request our teachers to elaborate some of the agenda points before publishing the course. This step is to ensure we sell the classes to Parents with confidence
5.Hunarly is a highly selective marketplace model where we work closely with parents & teachers to create curated courses & do all the sales & marketing to sell them at an affordable price,Therefore we do not allow teachers/parents to exchange or ask for personal details.
6. We believe this model is very beneficial for talented teachers as we make every effort to offer them more number of classes on our platform and thus have greater impact on students through this effective tutoring method.This model of working as a team has successfully worked in favour of our teachers and a win-win situation for both sides.

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