HUNARly handpicks professionally qualified tutors and experts in the subject to conduct our online classes. If you have received our invite to join us as our Online Teacher, then congratulations, this page is for you! 

Having conducted nearly 150+ online classes and working with over 50 Teachers, we at HUNARly have found that by following few basic essential steps of effective teaching methodology, we can achieve a greater impact on our online learners.  We created these guidelines with information presented in great detail to guide you in building your lesson structure and also the basic rules to keep in mind while conducting the HUNARly online classes. Our Teacher Guidelines are aimed to develop a consistent knowledge delivery across all the courses so that our learners get closer to their ambitions. With your expertise and by following well-defined guidelines, we are raising the bar of what we can achieve as a team.

Please click on the below buttons to know more about each one of them (the password to these pages is sent to you in the onboarding email.) 

HUNARly helps to lay a good foundation for primary school learners with comprehensive real-time online programs to explore their interests, while also providing them with the academic support to realise their full potential. A well-defined curriculum and progression report by our specialised teachers who are qualified educators, artists, and experts, brings learners so much closer to achieving their ambitions and contribute better to the world.

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